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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Coleen had already unzipped her bag. She made no effort to do so quietly - time was of the essence and if somebody was going to come barreling at her brandishing some sort of freakish weapon, she'd rather be able to brandish something right back at them. Instead, she found a change of her clothes that she had packed in her backpack, an article long since gone missing. Her mp3 player with all of Peyote Coyote's recorded songs, as well as all the other music she loved to listen to, was also missing.

With no time to dwell on the fact, Coleen dug straight to the bottom and pulled out the DVD case that she saw before. The words 'Drake n' Josh' were clearly visible, along with the instantly recognizable faces of the actors of the titular characters. She was just about to dismiss it when she noticed a tag punched into the corner of the DVD.

'G008 - Reagan, Coleen'

Ooooooooh hell. Rough times ahead for Coleen.

"That's... um, that's great..." Coleen sputtered, not daring to peer around the shelf she was hiding behind. "Uh, look... whoever you are..." Coleen coughed, from either stress or dust. Her nose was runny as well, a mild reaction to having kicked up some of the dust, getting it all over her skirt and blouse as well as part of her exposed legs. She was thankful for not having severe allergies, but dust of this caliber going up the nose would affect anybody, she imagined.

To make matters worse, she couldn't recognize the voice of the other person talking to her. It sounded weak and diminished - somebody trying to make themselves less threatening? If so, they were a good actress. The voice wasn't Cameron's, or Vanessa's, or even B.B.'s. Obviously wasn't Bradley's. "Whoever you are," Coleen repeated, "I... yeah, no, I don't want to fight either. So i-i-if you've got a gun or a knife or... if you're thinking of hurting me..."

She could almost see the bright light of a stage. It always gave her a headache.
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