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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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It was far from the most articulate noise she could have made, but Coleen hardly had articulation in mind when her thoughts were disturbed by a crash, a strange creaking and a barrage of shuffling, and then another extremely loud crash as a shelf toppled. Suffice to say, somebody was definitely in this library with her, and they likely did not have the best intentions in mind for her.

The smartest thing to do, Coleen realized, would be to stay quiet and try to hide in a safe place. Unfortunately, the idea of complete stealth was a ship that sailed when she gasped/hiccuped/yelped in shock. Whoever was there also knew she was there. So, this was how she died, then; whoever this person was, they had already found her so soon after waking up, they were going to kill her and then they were going to take whatever weapon she had stashed on her person. So much for making it out of Kingman as an actress, or as the lead singer of a band.

"No no, uh, stay away from me!" Coleen said it without thinking. There remained the possibility, slim as it may have been, that her surprised outburst had coincided enough with the tumbling of the bookshelf that the intruder may not yet have noticed her. Had that possibility existed, it was now just more dust to line the shelves of books and the floor. Speaking of dust, there was now a cloud of it from the commotion, and Coleen used the opportunity to grab her dufflebag and hunker down behind another bookcase.
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