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Will's first thought upon waking up was the massive crick in his neck.

His second thought was how he was not going to die.

Although it has been shocking to him, his teacher's life being ended litterally in front of his eyes, his jacket sporting a light spread of almost rust-coloured blood, the actual, physical act hadn't been as bad for him. He had, after all, has blood cover his jacket before, and indeed he had seen the effect a bullet could have on a living being.

But it was horrifyingly different to watch a fellow human's brains being blown out than it was to see a prairie dog crumpling. To see someone's life being snuffed out, see the light fade from their eyes as it flickered back from sleep, and then to be told he'd need to see it over and over and over lest he suffer the same fate? It was sick. And as he looked at the B037 marking his rucksack, it truly hit him.

He, he considered, was probably some kind of favourite. He was strong, had firearms experience, and had shown an interest in joining the armed forces. Maybe some goons had him market down as a potential victor.

However it wasn't merely him. It was also about Rea. She was a nyctophobe, frail as a china vase, and as athletic as a fat kid with asthma. He needed to protect her, because otherwise she was dead, for sure.

In fact, some small part of his brain thought, what's too say you'll never see her again? That already she's bleeding out in a ditch, or dead. That the first girl he truly opened up to, had taken her virginity and shielded her from a million minor things, was already being mourned by her parents?

But that was the defeatism talking, and defeatism was a slow and insidious killer. He would find her.
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