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Backed against the door and with an irate girl screaming in her face, Candice had to wonder if her judgement had always been this terrible.

So as she'd been leaving her room, there'd been these noises from the room next to her. In a situation where you're on an island with several dozen other people who might decide to kill you, it's not the sort of thing you'd want to just ignore, right? The smart thing to do would be to investigate, right? It's practically a no-brainer! Still cautious from her paranoia that somebody might've been watching her through the window, she'd even decided to go about this investigation cautiously.

Apparently, being "cautious" still doesn't prevent you from being scared to death when the door you were working up the courage to approach suddenly slams open and somebody starts shouting at you.

"Ca...Candice," she stammered.

As far as "Fight or Flight" reactions go, it... well, it wasn't really on either end of the scale. Rather, because Candice knew next to nothing about fighting, couldn't run a long distance to save her life, and was currently weighed down by a bag full of whatever that was going to hopefully keep her from starving to death, it was more the case that neither fight nor flight were viable options for her. Maybe in the end, "do what the other girl says" would really be the best option right now.

After all, so far nobody had taken any bullets to the head, so it's not like it wasn't working. Just cooperate and you won't have to fight or run away. Just do as the other person says and it'll be fine.

Just hope that both parties feel the same way. It's going to be fine right up until the other girl decides it's not fine.

You don't have to attack her, Candice, but you've never been a person who lets herself get pushed around by others and it's not the time to start that shit. Keep your composure, and stand your ground in your own way. It's just like being on stage, except instead of a bunch of people it's just one and instead of being a good distance away she's two feet from you and if things go bad she might try to kill you...

She took a deep breath, looking the other girl in the eyes.

"Candice Banks. That's who I am"
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