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((All right, getting settled into the order now.))

Barry clapped his hands twice in response to the man behind the door. "All right, just give me a moment to get a grip, and we'll be good." He surveyed the door. There was one large slot that he could see through, probably meant to send meals and the like to inmates. Barry slipped his hands through and managed to get a grip on the door. "Watch out, don't hurt my fingers."

He turned to Tina. "All right, find a grip and pull on my go. We're breaking him out of there." He focused his attention back on the door. "Okay, we're almost ready out here, just listen for my word."

Barry took a deep breath. "3..." He felt his muscles tensing up. "... 2... " He gritted his teeth. "... 1..." He tightened his grip further.

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