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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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((B019 - Jerry Fury, start))

Jerry stood at the tower's base and gazed skyward. At least, he did the best he could in this endeavor. The collar around his neck caused him some great discomfort when he tilted his head too far back, what with the band of metal digging into the back of his head. He swore it was pulling on some of his neck hair too. He guessed those fuckin' bastards didn't care much if they pinched your neck hair when fitting you with a fancy new accessory.

Not too long after waking up, Jerry had investigated his surroundings and the new hardware strapped to his throat not unlike a hamster scrutinizing its new cage. That terrorist jerk briefly talked about the collar like it was the latest iPhone, prattling on about how it'll go kaboom if one of a million different things happened. It was a lot of fancy talk, but anybody could have seen around it; the collars were obviously way too thin to contain any sort of real potent explosive. It was just a tracking device and nothing more. Jerry knew he was too smart for that. If the game worked the way they said it did, then all he had to do was disregard their warnings, rip the thing off and then he could go through the island free of scrutiny and from those 'danger zones' or whatever they were called.

He put a hand on his collar, then tugged as hard as he could.


Granted, that was a while ago. All Jerry had to show for his efforts was a sore neck and the solace of knowing that nobody saw him hurting himself like a complete idiot. Yep. Nobody saw, other than the cameras all around that the terrorists said they had. That part, Jerry knew they weren't bluffing on. Kids knew about Survival of the Fittest. That is, kids knew if they weren't living under a damn rock. He heard about people, total dickwads and douchebags, who would prank their friends with a video of that girl who was eating another girl or like, some dude getting ripped apart with a chainsaw.

Jerry felt sick to his stomach knowing that one of those kids in those videos could soon be him. Even if he took the easy way out... all he had to do was climb the radio tower, give a quick look around, utter a 'hi guys, bye guys' and leap off... he wouldn't even feel it if he landed on his head, right? Even if he did all that, his suicide would still be captured by those damn cameras. He couldn't even see half of them, but one of them was visibly attached to the tower, focusing down at him. Jerry reached deep down inside himself to try and pull out the best hate-filled speech he could towards the terrorists. Something that would really burn them, some absolutely scathing remarks that would REALLY make them feel sorry for doing this to all of them.

"You..." he managed to say.

Good job, man! You really got them with that one! He internally chastised. Oh well. It was worth a shot.

Giving a grumble that lead into a nice and drawn out sigh, Jerry hit his knees and fumbled through his bag, looking for something useful.
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