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Everything was going to be fine. Just don't panic and lose it.

((B030: Brendan Harte - Start))

Brendan let out a broken cry as he wiped a tear away from his eye and he sniffed. He never wished to be here. He believed that no one should be there. But life just wasn't fair and he had to learn that the hard way. He had to calm himself down. He had awaken only a few minutes ago and he was feeling a bit woozy. He almost vomited when he saw Mr. Graham getting murdered. He couldn't believe that was real. Bur it had been. He couldn't stay in denial forever.

Brendan was shaking a little and his breathing was a bit off. He was wandering around the changing room in circles. He was trying to count to ten in his head to calm himself down. He sniffed again. He had to stop crying. He had to be brave and try to take matters into his own hands. But to kill his friends.... That was something that he couldn't do. Brendan wasn't the type to physically hurt someone. It wasn't in his nature to do so.

He stopped moving and he shook his head in disbelief. Why would he even think of killing a person? That was an odd thought. This situation was making him think of things that terrified him. He tried to block the thought out of his mind and then he focused on his bag that was currently on the floor. In front of him.

He didn't move to touch it. He just stared down at it like it shouldn't even exist at all.

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