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Rene grimaced and snatched the duffel bag off the bed, maybe a bit too forcefully. Hey, it was the only way she had to express her anger at the moment, and considering that the bag had been sitting atop a nice, not-completely-terrible bed while she had spent what was likely a few hours on the cold-hard ground, she felt justified in her actions.

She put her hand on the bag's zipper and was about to investigate its contents when she heard a sound coming from the next room. Something like... a yawn? Crap, she wasn't alone here. Now, Rene wasn't exactly what one would call an introvert, but she would have preferred maybe an hour or two to herself before she had to start getting involved with the social structure of crazy murder island. Unfortunately, fate just didn't seem to be a fan of hers today.

Rene wasn't sure what to do, so she froze for a moment. Moving around too much would make noise, which could draw whoever was in the next room over to her room. While it wasn't an absolute certainty that whoever was in the next room was a psychotic killer who was currently in the process of cleaning the fresh muscle tissue out of their machete, that was a possibility that Rene genuinely had to consider, given the circumstances. But on the other hand, just keeping still wouldn't actually help her much either, since in all likelihood, someone would wind up coming around eventually anyway, and the longer she stuck around, the more people would start losing it and going into psycho-killer mode.

In response to the situation she found herself in, Rene gave a loud, annoyed sigh. This was really not what she had signed up for.
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