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Noah slouched and let out a groan. The sawblade slinger was going to be an interesting weapon. If he was back home and handed something like it, he could make a joke about how it was used to beat mastodons to death by cavemen. But no, it was his tool for survival. Somehow.

Noah walked over to the bed and picked the slinger up. He then walked over to where the blade fell on the floor. He reached down to pick it up, trying to be very careful, when he let out another cry. He lifted his hand back up. In his attempt to pick the sawblade up, he nicked his finger on the blade. He shook his hand and started to suck on his finger. As the taste of copper filled his mouth, he began to slightly bounce in place.

"Dammit!" he cried out, taking his finger out of his mouth.

There wasn't much blood, but it was still frustrating to be hurt this soon into his Survival of the Fittest experience. Out of frustration, he threw the slinger at the door, letting the large object bounce off the wooden door with a loud bang.

"God, screw this! Screw all of this!" he shouted.

He put his index finger back in his mouth and sucked on it. It hadn't even been ten minutes and Noah was properly peeved.
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