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Kimiko could hear the cursing from where she was sat. She had been studiously ignoring it; instead calming herself by taking inventory of the contents of her bag. Carefully unpacking everything and laying it out. After assessing all the resources available to her she had repacked it. Now as the swearing reached its loudest Kimiko decided to move.

G015 - Kimiko Kao: Start

Slowly and carefully entering the garage, Kimiko scanned the area for the source of the commotion. Whoever it was; they were clearly agitated. The knock-on effect of that meant they could be dangerous. Kimiko was trying extremely hard to keep everything in order and logical in her head. She was playing images of potential scenarios over in her head in an attempt to try and figure out what she would do.

The fact she even had to do such a thing made her angry. She hated anything that imposed upon a persons freedom and the situation she found herself in was the ultimate example of that. The cold metal around her neck reminded her of that. She was collared like a dog and if she didn't do what her masters wanted they would put her down.

But on the other hand...she loved her freedom. Her personal freedom was one of the most important things to her. She already felt backed into a corner by the situation she was in. She wanted the collar off, she wanted to go home, she wanted to live. Could she make that sacrifice though? Abandon her beliefs for a shot at freedom?

A phrase she had heard at the temple once forced its way to the front of her thoughts.

Make your life what you want it to be now. The rest will follow.

It concerned her.

Seeing the other girl Kimiko froze. She knew of Sandra, but not well. Not wanting to startle her Kimiko instead gently knocked on the wall.

Her lack of speech was a serious issue now.
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