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That was in response to Irene, who had just shouted way too loud at him. At the general area too, but he was the one who would have heard it the loudest. He breathed out through his nose. At least he knew that his hearing still worked. It probably didn’t now that Irene had likely deafened him, but honestly not really. As much as he wanted to say that he could still hear the waves coming up and back from the shore, so unless being able to hear waves was some hidden sixth sense or something he was pretty sure that he didn’t go deaf. He was still in the running for ear damage, though, and he would probably prefer that he be deaf than have an ear infection. They sucked. Hurt like hell and made him unable to sleep.

...Though considering the situation he was in, maybe being totally unable to sleep was an advantage. Danger could be around any corner, after all.

Well, not like he really cared about that but if he was able to live long enough to do… whatever it was he was going to do, still hadn’t thought of anything yet, that would be sweet. It’d make his own death likely even worse given the rising amount of hope but hey, details.

The swamp monster came forward, dropping his gear or his foreskin or whatever the appropriate term would be and showing that it was another one of his fellow classmates. Danny Brooks. Flirt, occasional lab partner whenever they had science. Sometimes funny, mostly a killjoy. He remembered back to 10th grade sex ed where he ruined it for literally everybody. Literally everybody meaning only Jeremy, but the previous statement sounded so much more better than “ruined it for only Jeremy.” That one made him sound a little bitter. But anyway, he was here, and he seemed to be taking it as a joke as well, giving a worse explanation than what Irene gave him.

As he was wrong, he supposed that it was Jeremy’s duty to correct him. That was something he did back then, right?

“I personally was never too much of a victim of Bradley’s self-called jokes,” Jeremy replied. For what it was worth they were jokes but considering what people were thinking here it was better to side with them, “but I don’t think that he’s capable of pulling off something so large scale.”

And goddammit, couldn’t they at least give him some good evidence to suggest that this wasn’t real? Believe him, he really didn’t want to actually be on SotF but considering Irene gave him nothing and Danny gave him a bad reason he was forced to go with his own opinion. He wanted to believe so hard but they absolutely wasn’t going to cut it for him.

Then Danny got weird for some reason, looking at the two of them with his hands in the air. Jeremy was slightly confus-

Oh, right.

“Whoops, sorry,” he said as he placed the barrel of the gun in his pocket. Probably a demonstration for poor gun safety, but he didn’t know where else to put it and he didn’t think the trigger would go off when it was there. Hopefully he was right about that. Accidently shooting himself sounded painful.
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