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(Tara Behzad continued from Those Who Play The Most Dangerous Game)

So. She had her map. And she had her vision. Her pretension of power and her simple goal: to die happy.

Ha! And what a goal! Happiness, because Tara Behzad had always been so happy! She thought of Bast, home safe somewhere, probably curled up in a ball beneath a ray of sunlight, totally ignorant of what had befallen her owner. She'd always envied cats.

She studied her blood stained map, still sucking on her fingertip, tracing the contours of the idiot pentagram she's made. Not even recognizable as such, not really, but she knew what she had to do. She knew where she was going.

It wasn't far from the cliffs, and she'd kept to their edge, always teetering, staring down into the teeth of the crashing sea and rocks below, then back to the barbed wire fence on the other side. A rather lovely metaphor, really. The one option was a gate that promised only pain in the attempt of crossing: the other, sure and certain death. For now, Tara kept to the no man's land between.

It did not long to reach her goal: the old Warehouse on her map. The figure was not a part of her roughshod pentagram, though the blood had smeared a little so it touched the edges. She had been torn between this one and the storehouse her map indicated was at the dock, but had opted for this location because it was so much closer. Besides, the collar on her neck was a persistent reminder. It could blow at any moment, and at this moment Tara would not die happy.

So she made her way through the aisles of the asylum's orderly warehouse, humming softly to herself over her thumb, taking stock of the goods inside to see what she might use.
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