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((Okay, we probably need to come up with a solid posting order))

The voice came back! Not only that, but they were close! Barry ran to the door where he could hear the other person calling from. He put his ear to the door and listened to them intently, nodding to confirm that he understood even though they couldn't see him. He examined the door while they explained the situation.

"Yeah, this door's looking pretty rough. The rust's definitely not making things any easier for you." He knocked on the door to make sure that he had their attention. "All right, I'm gonna help you out of there. We just gotta work together to get through this door, all right?"

As Barry rubbed his hands together to get ready to work on the door, he caught sight of a brown-haired girl down the hall. He beckoned to her and called out. "Hey! We got a guy in trouble over here! We need help!"
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