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Cass made Trav jump. There was no hiding it. There was also no hiding from the brief panic he faced as he thought might fall off the roof. The adrenaline dump he got when he didn't helped dull the edge of his shock.

"Fuucck." Trav drew the word out before letting out a nervous laugh. "Nearly scared the life out of me." He turned to look at the person who had spoken to him. They were a slim, african-american girl on the taller side. Trav thought he recognized her from school but he wasn't sure. He didn't know her though.

He offered her a smile. He tried to make it as friendly and warm as possible.

"Glad someone else thinks so." He reached over and dragged his bag out of the way, creating a more open space on the flat platform of the roof they found themselves on. It was a silent offer. She could come and join him if she wanted, if not; he wasn't going to offended by it. It was probably the smarter move considering their circumstances.

Trav stayed sitting where he was but turned his head back to take in the sunrise.

"I'm imprinting this one in my memory."
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