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They couldn’t have known. That was true. SOTF was a thing from the past, not from 2015. They could not have know what was going to happen. Still, Conrad was extremely angry.

This had not have to happen. They don’t have to die. Their lives did not have to be ended.

Clarice saw a thing. An enemy? No, apparently it was a cam. They see them. They hear them.

“Let us free, Danya. Please.”

This waking up had taken more energy from him than any basketball game and swimming marathon together. He just wanted Danya to listen to him, and just let all of them go out alive.

But, Clarice perfectly stated it already. It sucked. His life was over. He had no clue what should be done. Play the game or die. He could play, and he bet he was capable of being stronger than some other students, but...he doubted he was a boy to win this. Perhaps that is possible. After winning something like SOTF he’d be screwed up, though. His body will be fucked up, maybe he would lose a limb. His mind will be screwed up, although to be honest, it already was. Conrad picked up the halberd and went to the cam.

“Let both of us free, or I will smash this weapon at the cam. If you don’t want this offer, I will destroy it. You lose one cam, you lose one potential player.”

Conrad felt extremely nervous. No. He did not want to die. As heroic this death would sound, he did not want to die. He’d rather not. Conrad dropped the weapon and turned back to Clarice.

“Perhaps we can find our classmates. Maybe no one will kill.”

As Conrad spoke out the last sentence, he could feel that it was not the truth. He knew his classmates.
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