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Just a dream, just a dream, just a dream.... No, it was not a dream at all. This was a nightmare.

((G014: Scarlett McAfee - Start ))

Scarlett really couldn't believe that this was happening. She couldn't believe that everyone and herself was stuck in some twisted game. This was cruel. She wished that she could just wake up and be back at home. But she knew that wasn't going to happen. She was being foolish and hopeful for a few seconds. She had been sitting in a room for a while since she had actually woken up. She hadn't moved since as she wrapped her arms around herself and she cried a little.

She truly believed that she was in danger after what happened to Mr. Graham. How could she not think she would be safe after that? And also her friends were here as well. This was making her feel queasy and she wanted to get out of that dark room. To run away.... And then what? What could she do? Maybe she could search for friends and-

Scarlett gasped softly as she could hear voices and footsteps outside. Were they friendly? She wasn't sure what to do at first. She wanted to check. What if it was Jerry or someone else? She couldn't hide away forever. She had to move and at least try to survive.

Scarlett slowly got up to her feet and took a step forward, slightly nudging her bag that she could barely see in front of her. She reached down and picked it up with her left hand, letting it dangle at her side. She wasn't going to open it. She didn't want to know what weapon that she had. Not yet. Unless she had to protect herself when it was neccesary.

Scarlett held out her spare hand and she cautiously opened the door. There was people still shouting. Scarlett was normally loud herself but she didn't want to make that mistake and possibly get attacked by someone. She took a quiet step out of the room.

"H-Hello...?" She whispered as she glanced around worriedly.
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