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Oh shit, someone was in here! Michael gripped his axe as the door opened, still in his seat. He leaned forward a bit keeping the axe hidden behind the chair.

If this fucker thought he was being sneaky, he was failing horribly. He kept his eyes trailed on the kid as he slid out of the bathroom. Michael stayed stiff as a bored, making sure the bastard didn't see him looking at him.

Turns out it was Jerry, who, for the most part, was a pretty chill dude. Michael relaxed a bit.

Michael had relaxed even more when he asked to join him. Wait? Join him in what?

Michael's right hand grabbed the side of his sunglasses, lowering them, eyeing him up and down. Did he have a weapon? If he did it wasn't visible. Michael had the upper hand if he tried shit, though he doubted Jerry of all people would. He raised his glasses back at eye level. Michael smiled.

"Sure." Michael stood up. His left hand gripped the felling axe, however he kept it low, showing it off, but hopefully Jerry would pick up on his body language in that he didn't intend to use it unless he had to. He raised his right hand assuming he'd get a handshake.

"I was just, ehhh, venting earlier."

He probably scared this poor fuck senseless, which wasn't a good thing to have if someone wanted to befriend you.

"Wasn't nothing meant for you or anyone else on this island, just got a bit pissed at-" Michael nodded his head towards the camera. "Well, y'know."

Michael smiled again, his eyes staring through the Wayfarers, still looking for a weapon; Just in case. If Jerry had one, Michael wanted to know.
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