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See, if this was a real game—which it totally wasn't—they probably would have screamed and tried to murder him. They didn't. They made jokes back, which meant it was all fine.

“I am doing quite well, uh… good sir? Top of the morning to ye.” Danny wasn't exactly sure why he was putting on an exaggerated Irish accent—swamp monsters weren't from there, they were like from Florida or some shit. Danny flapped his arm a little, and some of the seaweed flopped onto the ground. “Agh… but seriously. Bradley or whoever set this up's getting… y'know… strong words.” He pulled some seaweed off his head.

“But hey! Scooby Doo level villain? I take offence to that, swamp monster's a fucking movie class… ic...”

Danny trailed off when he finally noticed that both Jeremy and Irene were carrying guns. Very… scary-looking guns. Instinctively, his hands went in the air.

“Oh shit,” he muttered.

And now, perhaps… he was a tiny bit less convinced this was a joke.

Even so, he laughed nervously. Because… well, he had to make some kind of noise, and the absurdity of all this was kind of funny.
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