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He had to go back home! He had to, he had to, he had to, he had to, he had t-

Then he heard the insults of the boy.

((Jerry's v6 start))

All his bravado he was building while sitting on the floor of the toilet was now gone. He thought he could face his enemies - no, his fellow students - and find his friends and then... and then...

Kill them? Betray them? Backstab them? Hurt them? Torture them?

Or instead, be the victim, be the betrayed, be the trusting idiot, be the one in pain, be the one dying?

None of that made any sense normally, but now it did. Killing made sense to Jerry, he had to go back to his parents, but it means to give up everything he worked for. His humanity, his morals, and obviously, his life. No matter whether or not he made it out, all his life would be ruined. Everybody would know him, question him, interview him, try to snuff the life out of him. He can't win either ways, but only one let him alive.

Oh, fuck the game and be nice. He decided to cross the bridge when he'll reach. Not that's his goal, but he still had somewhat of a weapon and if all of his friends died then...

Fuck the game, be nice. For now.

He dropped his knife in his duffel bag and headed toward the screaming man. What if he had a gun? Should he just stay there cowering in fear?

Fuck. The. Game.

He exited the woman's washroom and tried to stay as casual as possible while saying,

"May I... join you?
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