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"Ohayou, minna-san! Nancy-chan desu! Reporting from a new location of who-even-fucking-knows island! This is first appearance since I've become a full-fedged idol, but Nancy-chan will do her best! Ganbarimasu!"

Those who bothered looking at the feed of the staff lounge would see a blue-haired, eccentrically dressed girl talking to the camera with an enthusiasm completely unfitting for the situation.

Those who weren't put off enough, and watched closely, would notice how forced the girl's smile was.

G036 - Nancy Kyle: START

It was a particular form of denial. It may have seemed strange to anyone else, but to Nancy it just... felt natural.

It was, at the very least, distracting her somewhat from the sickening feeling in her gut.

She'd gotten a hatchet for a weapon. A real axe with a real blade.

This was real, and Nancy was expected to kill her friends with it.

There was... there was no way...

She turned away from the camera, wiping a few tears, before facing it again.

"Nancy-chan will be here to give you all the details of the happenings here, so stay tuned! Nancy-chan smile!"

She then approached the corner of the room the camera was mounted on, ducked into its blind spot, curled into a ball, and started to cry.
Let's show that private threads still aren't necessary! I pledge not to start any private threads on the island in V6. If I started a thread in-game, you are welcome to join it.

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