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[[ Aiden Slattery continued from One For Sorrow ]]

Fucking goddamnit. He should have known minutes ago, should have known once he had started going downstaris, for flippity's sake. He had no idea where he was going and honestly, the further he was going, the more he wanted to turn the fuck back and go all the way back the way he came.

Like, for real, what'd he expect, passing by a frickin' rusty ass metallic gate, path to freedom or something? Like, if this was a hoax, which he was still pretty damn sure about, then those crafty bastards really had made sure to make the most convincing hoax ever, so they had. Like, place looking like no soul had passed through this dump in ages or something, stuff and junk lying around - that was a frickin' straightjacket over there, right? Fuck, talk about commitment. This place was giving him straight up creeps, yup.

Yeah like, what the fuck had he been thinking. He was getting nowhere fast, if they were waitin' somewhere, ready to clear up the whole thing or something, it prolly wasn't gonna be there. Yeah, way too dark down here too, all musty and smelly-nelly and shit, time for him to get his ass out of there. Maybe go round the left corner this time instead of-

Holy shit. Fucking hell man, someone was definitely screaming his ass off somewhere back there. Like, more like yelling or some shit, but somebody was there, no dizzedi doubt about it.
He had already halfway turned around to walk back, now turning right back again, facing the unknown before him. Shit, how far in there did this thing go? Coulda almost sworn there was-

Fuck, more now. Someone was running, frickin' footsteps going really fast, more yelling. Goddamn. Alright, alright, looked like he had no choice. Some peeps were back there and they either needed help or were really excited about something or some shit, he had no clue. He had to get there though. No way he was gonna ignore that.

Aiden rubbed his own temples with his hands real quick, then grabbed his duffel bag tightly and started sprinting towards where the voices where coming from.
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