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A voice frantically called out his name, and Jeremy turned, gun held down low with his fingers kept away from the trigger.

Irene Djezari barrelled towards him, her run not unlike her demeanour. She was a friend, sorta. She was too popular to really have the time to be able to talk to him, which tended to suck, but whenever she didn’t have anyone to talk to besides him he had a little fun with her. Mostly through mocking and riling her up but ultimately she didn’t really seem to mind it after the fact, given that she kept coming back and talking to him. Ultimately not really a bad result for the “first person he met here” distinction, given that the two were friendly with each other and she wasn’t really an asshole. At the very least she was better than like, Cadeyn or Adelaide or Jane or someone else he didn’t really like.

But anyway, she came up towards him, stopping and resting for a bit before she started speaking again. Her voice was cautious, more serious than it normally was. He listened to her, as she told him that this was a misunderstanding.

And then he shook his head.

“No, I don’t think it is. This is way too elaborate for it to just be a joke.”

His mind flashed back to when he first woke up. Not on the beach, but in the dark room. He watched the teacher get shot, just like everyone else did, and as much as he wanted to scream and shout back then when it happened he knew that it wouldn’t achieve anything. He listened as the man explained the rules for the game, and he watched the little demonstration on the screen. As much as he wanted to believe what Irene was saying there was no way that this could be a joke, given what he had seen.

He just hoped that the other teachers were okay. As much as he learned to fear some of them over the last few years, they didn’t deserve this. No-one did.

“You saw what happened to… the teacher, right?” The sentence was strained, forced. He didn’t realise what was coming out of his mouth until halfway through. Poor impulse control as always, Mr. Frasier. Right now you’re coming off as a massive jackass right in front of everyone watching from that camera Irene pointed out to you. At least have the gall to finish what you said. You started it, and now it’s your responsibility to finish it.

“I don’t think you could really fake-

And then another voice called out to the both of them. He turned his head again, this time towards the boy covered in seaweed. Couldn’t recognise who it was from here, but according to what they said they were a swamp monster.


Honestly, considering what was right in front of him right now he was kinda tempted to start believing what Irene was saying. Well, not really. There was still the fact that the teacher was shot in front of him and the fact that this was way too large scale to replicate, but considering the situation he was in honestly he’d prefer that this be a joke than it be real.

The form came a little closer, and at this point Jeremy could see that it was just someone covered in seaweed. He smirked, slightly. Probably not fake then. Well, sadly probably not fake, the smile was more for the dude covered in seaweed than of the inevitable fact of his death. He would rather not die on this island, but he supposed that that was just how the cookie ended up crumbling for him.

He might as well have a little fun with this, though. At least while the mood was still as light as it possibly could be.

“Why hello, swamp monster!” He shouted. “How are you doing on this fine day?”

It was good to know that Jeremy at least had his amazing natural sense of humour back. He was probably the only one who actually found it funny, but eh, whatever. He could work on it later. Assuming that he was still alive later of course, but details were details and if he was dead he probably wouldn’t be able to complain about it too much.
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