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((B006: Barry Banks- Start))

Barry Banks was not in very high spirits. He had woken up about ten minutes ago before in what appeared to be a prison cell. He had been waiting there ever since, hoping that someone would show up to help him or give him some advice. He knew that he was in Survival of the Fittest, as well as all that entails, but after that, there was nothing aside from waking up in the cell. He just kept clinging to the hope that there was some way out of this. Maybe some lone hero would open that door and conscript him to help save everyone. Yeah, that would be cool.

After a few more minutes of waiting, he heard something. Sounded like footsteps. Maybe someone was coming for him after all. Of course, there was also the possibility that it was one of the terrorists coming by to deal with him. The more he thought about it, the more disappointed Barry was with himself. He was just sitting there waiting for something to happen to him. He wished that he had taken initiative sooner. But the door to the cell looked so sturdy. It was a surprising deterrent.

Another sound came, this one much louder. Barry immediately perked up when he heard it. Someone was shouting, calling for help. He wasn't alone here. There was someone else, someone desperate. Whoever they were, they needed help. Barry's legs started tapping on the ground as he heard them cry out. He had just been thinking to himself about how he needed to be more proactive, and now was his opportunity. He could make up for his past few minutes of inactivity.

Barry slipped his bag over his shoulder and rushed the door to his cell. The door surprisingly gave little resistance, but the weight of it still required him to use a significant amount of force to get out. After about a half-minute of wrestling with the massive metal barrier, Barry was able to get out of the room. Once Barry had escaped the enclosure, he heard the sound of small metal pieces falling to the ground. He looked back and saw a few extremely rusted bolts near his room's door. This area was in far worse shape than he had thought. When he heard the pleading voice again, he took off in the direction of the noise.

Barry ran down the ruined hall to find whoever it was that was calling out to him. He stopped at the next corner and looked around, hoping to deduce the location of the caller. In desperation, he shouted as loud as he could, hoping to get a response.

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