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Clarice. Instantly, he got up, swiped away every tear that remained and walked to her to hug her.

Out of all people he met, it was Clarice. His Clarice. Him and her were sitting next to each other in the bus and everything was alright. Back then. Before the gas, before the terror. He was chewing his strawberry-flavoured gum and they leaned on each other.

But then, tiredness, fatigue came. A room. Terrorists.

That moment, when all of his schoolmates were captured. It was so spooky, it was so quiet. The students of Cochise were never that quiet. If they had gotten to the science museum instead of being abducted, the whole Cochise crowd would have been loud, so much louder. But back then it was so silent. And silence was something Conrad couldn’t stand.

So he broke the current silence, whispering something to Clarice’s ear.

“We shouldn’t have gone to the trip. We really should not have.”

It was a bad decision. Now they are going to die. But to be fair, no one expected that. Especially not him. Conrad was not a person who put himself with these hypothesis. He never imagined being killed in a car accident. Nor being abducted.

The horror that occurred couldn't get out of his head. Before the trip, he was glad that Mr. Graham went to the trip, because he was one of his favourite teachers, always fun. Now that's not the case any longer. He regretted wishing that and everything else. If they had stayed home.

“What are we going to do, Clarice? What should we do? I am so baffled right now.”

As he said that calmly and hugged her more, he could feel the black, cold metal against his neck, resulting in goosebumps. No control about his life or her life. He tried hard to not cry in front of his girlfriend again.
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