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The foot went down against the chair, decaying wood failing to stand up against flesh and bone as the two now separated pieces fell to the floor.

The foot went down again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

((G030 - Begin))

Jasmine King stood over the pile of splintered wood which used to be a chair within one of the therapy rooms. She kicked the pile, and the pile scattered as the majority of it flew through the air. She looked around. She needed something. Another thing. There was a desk. Another chair. Good enough. She moved around the desk slowly, feet barely touching the floor, and when she reached it, it began again. The foot went down again and again and again and again until it was nothing but a pile of pulp, and as Jasmine saw this breathed in and out, teeth clenched and hands shaking and fists clenched.

Because it was all so bullshit. It was. She didn’t know why and she couldn’t form the thoughts into words but it was. It was just so, so, utterly and absolutely and completely bullshit. She was here, alone and scared with a metal prison around her neck with the fact she was going to die within the next few days while everyone else was out there, comfortable in their couches and beds just watching. Her brother was one of those people, and in all likelihood he was jumping for fucking joy since the person whose life he made hell was finally gone. No. No. Fuck him, fuck the people watching, and fuck the people running this for putting her into this absolutely bullshit situation.

So, as she stood over the pile of pulp or wood or whatever the fuck the thing was called, she moved her leg behind her, moved it back forward…

...And let out a small yelp as she hit something harder.

Pain went up through her foot. Nothing major, but the irritation and the anger was rising higher and higher. She looked at the thing she hit. A bag. G030 - King, Jasmine on the top. It didn’t cross her mind that the bag was hers. All she knew was that it was another object in her way and that she was more angry than ever before, so she picked it up.

A scream sounded through the rooms and corridor as the bag went through the mirror, revealing the chamber that lied behind.
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