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That was not precisely a cry of distress at the overarching circumstances, so much as the fact that Danny had woken up in a large, tangly pile of seaweed that had washed up in the little cove. And it felt really gross.

((B020: Daniel 'Danny' Brooks: START))

Danny flailed ineffectually, but only got more tangled up in the seaweed. Ew. Ew, ew, ew. This was the worst. This was the literal worst thing.

Because everything else? So obviously a joke. A really bad, in poor taste joke, but… like… this shit just didn't happen. Not to him. Not to some kids from way in the middle of Buttfuck Nowhere. It always happened in, like… crowded places, like Seattle. On big school trips to fun places, not to sciency shit. Who the fuck would go all the way to Kingsman to kidnap a bunch of kids going to learn about science?

So. Clearly a joke. Besides, who is so petty as to dump a kid in a pile of seaweed? Probably Bradley. Come to think of it, this was such a Bradley-style joke. Poor taste was his jam. Man, this was a little far, even for him…

Danny struggled to his feet, still weighed down by all the seaweed. Ew. He found his bag tossed nearby—fucking rude—next to a bigger bag with 'B020' stamped on it. Jesus, really going the extra mile, isn't he?

The image of Mr. Graham being shot, of blood splattering the dark ground, of that man explaining the rules in that horribly calm way, of the video, it all flitted through his head. Danny pushed it away.

Everything was fine. Bad dream. That's all.

He trudged along, still trying to squirm his way out of the seaweed, when he saw two other figures nearby. Jeremy—okay guy, occasionally uncomfortable jokes—and Irene—pretty cool girl, little weird but Danny was okay with that.

“Check it out!” Danny called out before stretching his arms out, seaweed dangling off them. “I'm the swamp monster from that film about a swamp monster! Rrragh.”

That works.
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