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((G043: Clarice Halwood – START))

Clarice was someone who was generally very expressive about her anger. About when she thought something was wrong, or bad, or whatever. Anyone who'd made a joke at the expense of a minority group near her—Bradley, in particular—knew that it was a surefire way to get her stomping over to tell them just how wrong they were. And maybe, sometimes, she wasn't the best at controlling her anger, even if she always stopped short of punching anyone.

Clarice prided herself on being straightforward. On being unafraid to confront what was bothering her.

How did you confront something like this?

So she was angry, yes. She was afraid. Fuck, she was about ready to shit herself. But none of the emotion was really… coming out. It was just bottled inside her, because she just didn't know how to express it. She could feel it tightening in her throat and prickling at her eyes, but it didn't come out.

Even as she stared at the can of air freshener that was her only weapon.

Sick fucks.

Clarice stared at the can, then back in her bag. Food. Meds. A small bag that she'd brought on the field trip. Her camera had been taken. Her phone. Anything she could write with. They'd only left a packaged lunch. After some consideration, Clarice transferred the packaged lunch to the main bag before tossing her regular bag aside.

“...Shit,” she muttered after a while. It came out more as a whimper. It was all she could get out. All the anger and fear was just burbling up in her throat like bile, and she needed to… needed to something. Yell, scream, cry.

She'd opened her mouth, perhaps to do so, when another scream tore through the area instead, completely taking the wind out of her sails.

Clarice looked down at the can of air freshener before sticking it into her jean pocket. She picked up her bag and headed for the screaming. Following the path lined with barbed wire, the cliffface dropping sharply away into the ocean beyond.

Fuck, the ocean was big. Big and sparkly and such a weird fucking thing to notice right now, but she'd never seen the ocean before in person. How could she, when she'd never been further than Kayenta? This was not the way she'd wanted to see it.

The screaming had tailed off into a lot of crashing noises. The fence was shaking a little, the shaking getting heavier the closer she got to the screaming. At which point, Clarice got close enough to see her rather sweet, even-tempered boyfriend trying to smash the shit out of the fence with a freaking halberd.

Clarice didn't hide. She totally didn't hide. Maybe she took a couple of steps back, watching Conrad go to town on the fence, which held sturdy despite the aforementioned freaking halberd. She waited, and maybe she clung onto her bag strap just a little tighter than normal.

And when he seemed to calm down, and he swore, she cautiously took a step forward again.

“You done?”
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