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As she groggily pushed herself up off the dusty and trash-laden floor, Candice's first thought was that she had always figured it was going to be at least another year or two before she experienced the sensation of waking up with only a vague recollection of what she had done last night to get her there.

Still half-asleep, she gazed at her surroundings for what must have been a few minutes before what she was seeing finally registered. Light was just beginning to peer in through the windows, delineating a clear line of airborne dust motes where the sun's rays had been blocked by building that stood outside the window across some kind of courtyard. Catching herself looking out the broken window at the rising sun, Candice realized it would be best to examine her immediate surroundings first.

And what dreadful surroundings they were. A bed whose mattress looked like it had been dragged out of a dump managed to indicate both that this room had at one time been a bedroom or dorm, and that "at one time" was probably not any time within Candice's lifespan. The broken glass window seemed to have been tastefully accessorized with a good number of broken glass bottles strewn about the room. If it weren't for the decent coating of dust that gave everything in the room a drab look to it and made it clear that Candice was the first to be in this room in possibly years, Candice would've concluded that last night had been one hell of a party.

Well, aside from the room looking like it was abandoned for quite some time, there was that thing from yesterday where terrorists told her to murder her classmates.

Candice cautiously looked out the window. A quick glance indicated that there was nobody there, which was a fact that she wasn't sure whether she should be happy about or not. She looked more intently, noting the building on the other side of the courtyard. The thought that there might be somebody else in that building looking back at her suddenly crossed her mind and sent a chill throughout her body.

Maybe standing next to the window wasn't such a good idea after all. Rather, was it bad that somebody might have already seen her and now knew where she was?

Candice moved towards the door to the room, stopping just before to give one last glance at the trashed dorm behind her. There'd been a black duffel bag with a prominent "G031" printed on the side on the floor next to where she'd been laying. What'd they said would be in it? Provisions? Better to take it with her than regret not having it later.

Grabbing the duffel bag and throwing the strap around her shoulder, Candice walked back towards the door and cautiously opened it, taking a step into the hallway beyond.

((G031 - Candice Banks: Start))
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