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Jonathan's eyes opened, but he saw nothing. What the hell? Why was everything dark? He lurched up and looked around. Nothing... Was he dead? Was this hell?

He sat up and rubbed his eyes. His hands moved from his face and patted downwards. He could feel himself, he breathed in. Yep, felt everything. Why was it so dark? Did he hit his head, was he blind? His fingers reached up and rubbed his eyelids. No pain. His eyes were still there. He got up and walked around, arms outstretched. Moving around, he felt concrete walls. As he felt around, he had bumped into the sink. Stepping back he almost tripped over the bed.

Sitting up, he rubbed his hip. Well, this sucks. At least he knew where he was at. Some sort of prison maybe? Should probably get out of here.

Feeling around the walls, he felt something rusty and metal. Freedom incoming! Jonathan fingered around the door, before finding the opening to it. He'd wrap his fingers around the door an- a faint light! He wasn't blind! Yes!

Reflexively Jonathan hit the door, cheering. They were cut short when he reeled back and rubbed his hand. Damn, that hurt. Shaking his hand, he wrapped his fingers around the opening.

Pushing with all his might, light flowed into the room, he could now see the bed, and the small black bag next to it. He turned his head back to the bag, he'll open it in a moment.

"Come on." Jon gritted his teeth as he continued to push on the door. It stopped. Jon pushed again. No budging.

Oh shit...

''ANYBODY THERE?!" Jonathan pressed on the door, trying to get out, trying to fit through, trying anything. Oh god he was trapped in this prison he was going to die here, oh god it's dark, let me out, I want out, God please no! "HEY!" "HEEEY!"

There was nobody there. One last time, please. Please let this work.

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