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((Boy 002, Conrad Timothy Harrod, Start))

I must not die.

Why was he pulled into this shit? Not Henry, not Robert. Him.

Why him? Why the heck Conrad? Out of all people in Arizona, in the US, in the world, it was him, his girlfriend, his classmates, Kizi. Why the hell. Why the fuck?

His smartphone was gone, he was on an island. He had no control about how long he’d live.

All he had was a shitty bag, assigned to him so he could murder people. The terrorists told him about the bag, the game, the rules. The impossibility to escape it. This is horrible. No...

A forceful voice echoed the cliffs.

“NO! NO!”

He gasped for air.


He screamed through the Northwest Cliffs. He screamed loudly. Conrad couldn’t recall when he ever had been so loud before. In a basketball match maybe? No, now he was louder. He screamed so loud, his throat hurt. His throat hurt. The last time he screamed so loud was when he was kid, probably. He screamed at his parents, throwing tantrums. That was when he screamed that loud last time. But now his voice was stronger.

His lungs were empty, he stopped. Tears flooded. Tears were swiped away.

He had a halberd in his hands that was as tall as him. A fucking halberd. He was supposed to fucking slice people up with it or stab them. For the terrorist. Fucking no. Why?

He hated this. He threw the halberd to the ground. It could not be destroyed that way. It could not disappear from his view, this weapon. He picked it up again. Looked around. Something to hit with it. He took some steps and mashed it against the barbered wire. Fucking destroy this weapon, fuck this weapon, fuck this wire, fuck this game, fuck everything. Ultimately he threw the halberd back on the ground and tried to calm down.

No, he could not calm down. He was about to die. Dead.


He said that calmly. Maybe it was a sign that he calmed down.
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