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Waking up to find yourself not where you're supposed to be is a nightmare scenario, Serena had to pinch herself to check if everything was real. It was. And then she remembered where she was. Survival of the Fittest, Something the government were supposed to have shut down years ago.

And the only way out; the only way home was to betray everything her parents and her teachers had taught her growing up. And the weapon they had given her to do this... were keys.

Lying down and crying felt like a more attractive prospect by the minute.

((G019 start))

G019; an odd number; superstition places such numbers as good for luck. Normally Serena wouldn't care much for such things as luck, but it kept her from thinking about her friends; her classmates hunting each other down and fulfilling what the terrorists wants. And the teacher who was killed just to show they meant business.

She looked around in what seemed to be a library of sorts, rows upon books covered in dust filled the room with light shining down from the ceiling. It had an odd smell to it. Looking closely Serena could see several books that they had them read in school, she liked those assignments. She didn't have to depend on anyone to get it done, but what used to be something comforting and fun were now just a reminder of home and how far away it now felt.

She grabbed the first book that caught her eye and looked at it, Catcher in the Rye. She liked this book, obtuse and old it was, but she enjoyed it. She continued looking at it before throwing it away as hard as she could, then walked over and proceeded to kick several chairs over repeatedly till one broke. Then she sat down at the wall with her head down on her knees, she wasn't going to let them get the satisfaction of seeing her tears.
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