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G048 - Cameron Herrig: Start

There was a pattern in the wood of the ceiling, like a spiral. Spirals were interesting to Cameron, they didn't really end and they didn't really begin. They just were. They just existed.

Which was very similar to her current state of being at that moment.

She hadn't moved since she'd woken up, not because the gas had paralyzed her. Her shaking body disproved that theory. Shell-shock was the closest concept Cameron could think up that described herself. Staring up at the wooden ceiling, taking in its every detail. It helped.

She blinked the tears out of her eyes. Just when everything was starting to sort itself out this had to happen. It wasn't fair.

Feeling the bile start to come up in her throat Cameron rolled sideways and vomited over the side of the bed.


She vomited again. Heaving Cameron coughed the last remnants of spit from her mouth onto the wood floor.


The taste of vomit jolted Cameron into action she sat up and tore her bag open, not even stopping to look at its contents until she found a bottle of water. Greedily she took some of it in her mouth, swished it around and spat it out onto the floor. Repeating the process until the acidic taste was gone.

"Ok...now what?"
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