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((Yeah go B024 - Matthew Moradi))

Don't panic, everything's going to be fine. Just stay calm and you can get out of this. You're smart, you can do this.

Sitting with his back to the wall of some run down building, that was what Matt had been telling himself, repeatedly, for the past couple of minutes as soon as the fear had set in. The fear that he was going to die and that a bunch of god damn criminals were going to make some kind of spectacle out of it - what for? He didn't pay attention to that 'Survival Of The Fittest' bullshit. Getting kidnapped by these sick fucks was something that happened to people that weren't him, people who he didn't know and didn't care about. Why the hell were they doing this?

First he felt afraid - then he got mad. Mad that this was happening to him, of all people, and for no good reason. He was going to die and it wasn't even going to be for a good reason. Why?

Desperately, he tried to calm himself down. Just keep calm, you can do this. You can make it out of this incredibly fucked up, outlandish situation.

Just figure out where you are, and..

Matt stood up and slowly backed away from the building he had woken up in front of.

He was right outside of a god damned church, or something. The universe had a fucked up sense of humor, he guessed. Matt went inside - maybe avoiding the great outdoors was a good idea. Why run off to find a hiding place when there was one right in front of him?

He wasn't exactly prepared to see another person - not this soon. And someone praying, at that. Fighting back the urge to immediately leave and find some other place to sit and figure out what the fuck he was going to do, Matt decided to interrupt this kid's little moment of quiet contemplation.


That was it - just hey. Slowly, he shut the door behind him, starting to move towards the back of the chapel. The kid was praying, so he guessed that he might have had some morals in him - irregardless of how backwards they seemed to Matt.
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