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((B041: Wayne Cox starts))

At that moment, Wayne appeared on camera, running full-tilt towards the beach, his daypack pounding against his back, his knife strapped to his hip.

He wished that he could have said that panic was the only thing on his mind. That it was a buzzing static that drowned out all his other thoughts. But that simply wasn't true.

There had been a plan, hastily constructed between hyperventilating breaths.

If he was here... He needed an advantage. Something. Anything.

That meant the girl ahead of him, wading her way away from shore. That meant the bag, carelessly discarded on the sand.

Not even the other girl, shouting, chasing after the first, would stop him.

He only had one chance. One chance, before everyone came to terms with where they were. Prepared themselves. Brought the guns out. Got to killing. He couldn't think straight, couldn't figure out what to do. An advantage. Surprise was an advantage, and it was the only thing he could count on now.

Flurries of sand flew from beneath his shoes as he slid to a halt, breathing hard, the taste of what he thought was blood in his mouth. With one hand, he grabbed the bag, sending the assorted items on top spilling to the sand.

With shaking hands, stumbling away as quickly as he could, he tore open the daypack and began rifling through it.
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