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((G039: Rene Wolfe- Start))

That nap Rene took on the bus was probably the worst one she had taken in years. She didn't feel rested at all, and she had all these weird, fucked-up dreams to boot. Plus, her back was hurting like hell, like she had been sleeping weird for the past few hours. Man, she couldn't wait to get up and start moving around. The trip had better be worth the cost of that fucking horrible nap.

Strangely, Rene didn't wake up in her seat, or even in a waiting room or hotel. She woke up on some dirty-as-hell floor in some weird room with bars on the windows. Shit, where the hell was she? Did she start sleepwalking or something? If so, why didn't anyone stop her? And why did she have this weird itch on her neck? She brought her hand up to her neck to investigate, and was met with the feeling of cool metal as she touched her neck.

The wheels started turning in her head as she realized what was going on.


Oh shit.

I guess some of those dreams weren't dreams after all.

Survival of the Fittest. Damn. She had hoped that shit was over and done with by now. But unfortunately, terrorists don't seem to have anything better to do than kidnap random high school kids and use them as the casts of their seriously screwed-up version of reality TV. Seriously, those guys needed a hobby or something. Preferably something that involved a little less murder.

Rene picked herself up off the ground, kneeling for a moment as she stretched. Her back was killing her. Probably the result of having her unconscious self dumped who-knows-where and just left there until she woke up to deal with it herself. Man, if there was a worse way for someone to leave a first impression on her, then Rene hadn't found it yet. Basically, the only upside to her current situation that she could think of was that she wasn't dead. Well, at least not for the time being.

Rene looked around the room, discovering that it was quite possibly the most barren room she had ever seen in her life. There were walls, there was a floor, and there were windows that, to reiterate, had fucking bars on them. The only piece of furniture contained within was an extremely spartan-looking bed right next to her. Not even any blankets, just a frame and a mattress. On top of the bed was...

Oh, you've got to be kidding me.

Sitting pristinely atop of the bed, the same bed that Rene had been sleeping next to in a heap on the floor, was a duffel bag.

It was official. Someone involved had a pretty shitty sense of humor.
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