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Maria had just experienced the worst nightmare of her life.

((G044 Maria Cucinotta: V6 Start))

And then she had woken up to a far, far worse one.

Her fingers immediately went to her throat, painted fingernails scratching at the black metal that wrapped around her throat. It felt like hours that went by as she scrabbled for purchase in order to pry it away from her neck, but to no avail.

SOTF. She'd heard of it of course, seen various threads and clips on the sketchier parts of the internet, but she'd never payed it any attention. She'd never be in it, no need to give her nightmares by watching some Fucked Up Shit^TM.

The man had said something about supplies, and sure enough, beneath the moth-eared bed she had awoken on, was a bag with 'G044' written on it. She was a number to them, she realised, no more no less. A number that wouldn't make it anywhere without a weapon.

She unzipped the bag and looked through it. Food, a first aid kit, water... And what felt like a cloth covering. Pulling it out, she removed the almost shawl-like covering to find a sword. A long, curved, and when she gave it an experimental swing, very well balanced sword. The note called it a shamshir. If she ever made it out of here she could find out what it was used for originally.

She pulled the cap off of a bottle of water and took a few sips. If she remained calm and level headed, she might be able to get through this. Her hands, which she hadn't noticed had been shaking, had slowly calmed down.

The scream that came next nearly caused her to jump out of her skin, and she immediately held the sword towards the sound. Could people be... 'Playing,' already? The scream sounded masculine though...

She wasn't going to leave some poor soul to die. It might get her killed, but until there was no other way forward but becoming a sociopathic murderer, she was not going to turn into a rabid killer. Slowly, she reached for the door handle, praying that the scream had been from a realisation of the situation, and not some one being dismembered next door.
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