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((Dot's V6 start))
Dorothy was sitting up, her back against the wall and her head hanging low. Saliva was escaping from mouth, pooling on her chin and dripping on the ground. This unflattering position was recorded by not one, but two cameras pointed at her. Her left hand was wrapped around the handle of the bag and her right hand was laying beside her hips.

Then she awakened. Her whole body jerked forward as if she was electroshocked and she gasped for air as if she spent too much time underwater. Her eyes opened and they met the darkness of the room. Her thought process was primitive and primal, she had run away somewhere far and safe but her body was too weak to move yet because of the drug and her body not responding to her demands.

So, she only let out a scream.

She waited a full minute, still hyperventilating and jumping at every noises, to let her eyes adapt to the darkness, there was rats in here? Dorothy raised herself up, scouting for grips and obstacles with her hands. That didn't stopped her from knocking her head on a shelf, though. It kinda hurt but she was relieved to find something to guide herself, her eyes were fully ready to tackle the room and to find the way out announced by the light coming under what appeared to be a door.

She continued to head toward the light, using her hands and her bag to avoid hitting herself against whatever things laying around. She had to find a way to opened and escape from this place because being trapped here won't get her nowhere.

She searched the handle on the door and found it by knocking her hip against it. Ouch. She left her bag on the ground and wrapped her hands around it.

One, two, three: pull!

It was working but only half way, something appeared to be blocking it from opening fully. The light from the outside was so strong, it blinded her for a couple of seconds, forcing her to close her eyes shut. She used that time to push her bag to the other side with her left foot. She kicked it just to make her sure it wasn't under the edge of the door. It was her turn, now.

She changed her grip from the knob to the edge of the door. With one swift movement, she struggled to pass through, scratching her body. Her head and arms were on the other side but not her lower body. She kicked and wailed, and finally, pass through with the only casualty being a tear in her leggings.

She was outside, finally. She dropped down beside her bag, her glasses steamy from her panting, hugged her knees, and let out a sob.
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