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((G004 Nadia Riva: V6 Start))

Nadia clasped her hands together and rubbed her forehead against them. She let out a soft moan, her head still aching from the drugs used to knock her out. She muttered some expletives under her breath. She couldn't believe this would happen to her. A few weeks ago, she was getting published in Photo Vogue and looking over her acceptance letter to UCLA. Now she was on an island of murder and was statistically likely to die. She slowly beat her head against her hands and moaned.

"I can't believe it," she said.

Nadia looked around the room. She woke up sitting in a chair in what looked like an interrogation room. There was an empty chair before her, and a long mirror on the side of the wall. There was a duffel bag before her. She knew they had given her a weapon to kill her peers with. She pulled it over and began to search through it. Eventually, she found the assigned item. Walkie talkies. She shook her head. She then looked up at the camera in the corner of the room.

"Great. Now I can chat with truck drivers while someone like Caedyn fucking Miller is eviscerating me. Thanks, Mr. Danya. You really made me happy."

Nadia put the walkie talkies back in her bag and zipped it up. She rubbed her eyes. It wasn't like Nadia was likely to find someone to share the walkie talkies with. Rod was on the second day of the trip. What had been a source of annoyance that she would have to do the trip without her boyfriend at least meant he was spared from this bullshit. That was slightly comforting, but not as much as she would have hoped. It's not like Rod could rescue her.

Still, Nadia knew Rod was probably watching this. She looked over at the camera in the corner. She figured now was the best time to talk. Nadia didn't know how long she'd have to talk.

"Hey, Rod. So, this sucks..." she began.

She mentally kicked herself. This was no way to start a will. She cleared her throat and continued.

"Anyways," she continued. "So, I'm probably going to die. It's not at all what we had hoped with our lives, but it is what it is. I'll try to survive, but no guarantees. I don't have a weapon and I'm not very tough. The chances are slim, and I know rescue is unlikely."

Nadia sighed.

"Look. If I don't come back, get out of Kingman. Do everything we talked about, make something of yourself, help your nation, all of that stuff. Become a doctor or a lawyer or a teacher, something that makes you happy. If I do come back...well...we can figure out what to do then. But for now, be prepared to hear the worst. Just...don't let this ruin you. Don't turn to narcotics to ease the pain, and certainly don't let this keep you from leaving Kingman. You're a tough guy, and I know you'll be able to move on. Just be ready for whatever comes next. I'll try to be ready for here."

Nadia sighed.

"I love you. Always."

Nadia looked away from the camera. She didn't normally cry, and she certainly didn't want Rod to see her eyes start to tear up.
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