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"Just remember; you could be at the science museum right now."

B015 - Travis Lynch: Start

Trav was sitting on the roof, his legs dangling over the edge. Things had certainly taking a turn. He remembered the bus and falling asleep but his morning...not so hot. He kicked his legs as he considered his options. His bag; with his number stenciled on it sat next to him. He'd looked through it a few minutes earlier, there was nothing much in it. His weapon was useful but truth be told his chances of actually using it were slim to none.

He looked down at the ground that seemed to stretch out further away from him. Waking up had been a scary moment, he had been placed next to the edge, meaning the first thing he saw was the drop to the floor below. It had certainly kicked started his adrenaline.

Now though he was just sat there, contemplating life and looking out at the horizon. Just being sappy as fuck. He grinned to himself at the joke. The moment he was enjoying was probably the most peace he'd have for the rest of his time. Just him, a slightly chilly breeze, and the view.

"I mean its not a bad view."
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