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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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((B10 Noah Whitley: V6 Start))

Noah gripped his hand around the object in his hands. He wasn't very keen towards sports; one season of little league was enough for him to swear off competitive sports forever. Still, he had to know if he could lift this monstrosity and use it like the form said. He had never heard of a sawblade slinger before, and yet here he was, lifting it up and preparing to toss the blade into the wall.

He lifted it up, held it out to his right, then swung it forward. The sawblade was released from the magnet, slid down, then was flung out of the bar. It flew in the air, and found itself embedded in the wall. Noah let out a cry.

"What the fuck? Seriously?" was all he could say.

Noah walked over and tried to pry the blade out of the wall, something he knew he had to be careful with. He had woken up a few minutes ago in what looked like an abandoned dorm room. He was lying on some old mattress, eaten by bugs and worn from the years. Next to him was the bag the fucker behind the game assigned, with a large blunt object lying on it. The paper with it said it was a sawblade slinger, and gave directions for how to use it.

As he struggled to get the blade out of the wall, Noah cursed his situation. He couldn't believe they'd pick his school out of every school for this game. He thought he'd just have fun on some dumb field trip and then go home and enjoy his peaceful day. But now he had to face the possibility of being murdered by a classmate, or being forced to kill. Both options disgusted him, but he knew he needed to be careful. He never watched Survival of the Fittest, but he knew well enough that people would play if given the chance. He wasn't going to kill if he didn't have to, but he needed to be ready. If that meant using some rejected video game weapon, so be it.

Noah finally managed to get the blade out of the wall, letting out some cries for fear of cutting his hands. He placed it back inside the slinger and lifted it up again.

"Okay. Second try," he said.

Noah lifted the slinger, swung it back, then flung it as hard as he could. This time, the whole thing flew out of his hands and against the wall. The blade still dislodged, and flew in the other direction before skittering across the floor. Noah screamed again and moved back. Two tries and he was only successful once. Noah knew the odds, and that made him worried for what would happen if he had to use it for real.

"Oh man, I am so fucked," he muttered.

He rubbed his forehead and groaned. He couldn't be the only person here having this much trouble.
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