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Something about friends. He did not understand what was said in the context. But that didn't matter, he could ask later. Besides, Rene was about to leave. Rene wanted to take a sandwich and Cristo had a good point. They wouldn't bother to take it away. And yeah, that would be not hygienic to just put things back, which made Al worry if the things he currently ate were healthy an clean. Hm.

Al awkwardly said nothing to Rene. Perhaps he should wave at her. But no, that would be rude. He tapped Cristo's shoulder. Speak up, Al.

"Could you repeat what you said, please? I couldn't hear it. It's too crowded here."

He eyed Rene, and tried to smile. Hopefully, he did not come off as rude. Interrupting Rene and Cristo's dialogue.
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