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"I mean what I mean. I mean, I couldn't really mean anything else."

Jazzy always seemed to get oddly quiet at moments like this. Would stare at nothing in particular, as if the moment had gone sour milk. It was odd. Like, something left not quite said, uttered only in the way that there had been nothing spoken. Like Jazzy was expecting something. What? Did she actually want Irene to admit that she had girls in different area codes?

... Huh. What if she actually went ahead and did that...?

Jazzy's giggle distracted, disarmed. No arms left for Irene to scratch at the itch of a niggling sensation she suddenly had over the front lobe of her brain. She'd just file the hunch away for later, where it surely wouldn't completely and disastrously backfire on her...


Irene stood up as well. She'd folded herself onto the deck of the floor like the card she was. Hadn't really stopped all the flailing and wiggling even sans Jazzy in her immediate space. But hey, it was some comfy carpeting down there. That 800-588-2300 was definitely on point. As had been the latest episodes in the series. Irene intended to compile her thoughts, stir and mix, pour to taste right over her Tumblr blog. But those plans were promptly forgotten, since they had places to go and things they'd already seen a hundred times apiece to see again.

"Park? We can roam and wander until at least one of our parents is worried." She mulled on that for a millisecond, then as an afterthought, "but not enough to get us into trouble, I mean." Wisdom straight from the spinal tap.
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Oh, it's so sad to think about the good times, you and I... · Memories from the Past