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"Okay, sorry." Amanda almost took a step back instinctively. She hadn't exlpected "I got it. Cass."

Cassand- No, she was Cass. Cass. Cass. Ugh.

Amanda hated making people upset and she wasn't even completely certain what she had done. Did other people call her Cass too? It seemed to be the case, and that would mean that Amanda had just made dumb assumptions this whole time. The mistake had been so avoidable as well, she could have just said Cass and the problem wouldn't have been there at all. The teachers called her Cassandra, right? Did Cass not like her name? It sounded nice enough to Amanda but perhaps there was some history to that. Now wasn't the time to pry though, the girl seemed somewhat upset and Amanda decided that she might as well try to be more careful around her a for a moment, but the questions continued to nag behind her at the back of her mind.

Lili had brought the kite towards them, the wind bringing a weird acrid smell along as she did. Amanda was keen to let the problem over Cass's name drop and turned her attention over to the kite instead. "It looks way cooler up close. How much did it cost?" she asked, joining Lili and Cass on the ground.

She desperately wanted to see the kite go back in the air, but Amanda had never actually flown a kite before. How did kites even work, really? She'd love to actually help get it of the ground too. Maybe she shouldn't said that she knew stuff about kites. Right now she would have to wait for Lili to actually fly the kite. That would probably happen soon, right?
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