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"I'd love that, thank you," Sketchpad Girl said, as Amanda also voiced her interest in the kite. Lili smiled, and went over to the side to pick up her kite out of the grass. The majestic bird was thankfully unharmed upon crash landing, not a single tear in its colorful wings. Lili took the opportunity to pick up her backpack as well, and noticed that her music was still playing. The piece had reached a crescendo, every instrument plucking along in a cacophony of loud noise. Lili quickly shut off her speaker, not wanting to startle those not too far away from her, and put her backpack on. Then, Lili picked up the kite's control bar on the ground and began to wrap it up, pulling in the slack of the string so that it wouldn't be a mess later on. Lili reached down to pick the kite up.

Upon touching the kite's side, however, her fingers began to tingle, pins and needles setting themselves in deep in her hands. "Oh, right," Lili thought, "I haven't had a cigarette in a little while." Turning her back to the others, she pulled a pocket lighter and an unlit cigarette out of her jeans pocket. As quietly as she could, Lili quickly lit her bad habit aflame and took a drag off of it, inhaling smoke into her mouth. A wave of relief settled into Lili as she exhaled, spewing a small puff of smoke out in front of her mouth. Hopefully, neither Amanda nor Sketchpad Girl saw what she did. As she did this, Amanda began to talk about Singapore behind her. Apparently she was also a kite flyer? Lili felt relieved. It was always good to have someone who shared in your passion around, Lili felt. Something nice and easy to bond over.

"Oh, she's Cassandra," Amanda answered as Lili's back was turned. An artsy name for an artistic girl. Lili smiled as she put her lighter back in her pocket. She dropped her cigarette into the grass and stomped it out swiftly as she reached down to pick up her kite. Lifting the giant kite over her head filled Lili with power, even though the air bellowing up underneath the kite almost took it out of her hands. She turned back to Cassandra and Amanda, kite tails flapping in the wind, beginning to talk.

"Nice to meet you, Cassan-"

"Cass. My name is Cass." The girl with the sketchpad said, far more serious than she had been before, apparently correcting Amanda. Lili lowered the kite to her chest. Had Amanda crossed a line? Were the two girls not on good terms? Even more so, had Cass heard Lili almost speak her full name? Lili wasn't quite sure she wanted to be around to find out, but she had agreed to show the two her kite, and show them her kite she would. "I guess we really have reached a crescendo," She thought, opening her mouth to speak.

"Um, I have the kite right here," She began, "If you guys still want to see it." Lili walked forward, the kite's wings pushing back as a gust of wind blew through the area and tousled both the kite's tails and Lili's hair. Slowly, she set the kite down in the grass right in front of Cass. Lili sat down again in the grass next to Cass, about two feet away, holding down one of the kite's wings so that it wouldn't topple over or fly away. All Lili could do was hope that the kite would stay put underneath her fingers.
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