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"Name's Asuka, I'm a sophomore," she responded. The two were not far apart in age after all, it seemed. Asuka hadn't said anything beyond that, leaving Lili to keep on talking. Lili was, of course, fine with that. She was ranting on about a band she liked to a girl who looked like she wanted to listen, which was all she had wanted. Deep down, at least in theory, she was content, fine with what was unfolding around her. She'd have a good time with Asuka. Maybe the two would even become friends.

But something she said earlier started to bother Lili, more than it reasonably should. Like the thickening rain outside, words began to fall inside her mind.

"Y'know, get away from life for a little bit."

Escapism was fine with Lili. She herself often searched for moments of transcendence within the music she listened to, surreal landscapes and bizarre worlds hidden inside the grooves of an old record waiting to be explored. Something about Asuka struck Lili as odd, however. Lili didn't know what Asuka was trying to get away from, and had no reason to. She saw stress in Asuka's facial features, anxiety that was familiar to Lili, yet separate in a way she had not yet encountered. Lili's face began to soften up against her will, her enthusiastic expression drooping into something more akin to concern. "Maybe she's not just here for the sake of art," Lili thought, "No, there's something else bothering her."

Lili thought of something she could talk about to break the ice a little further with Asuka, taking stock of her Freshman year so far. It was the middle of November, and so far Lili's grades were floating in the C range, though her grades in the sciences threatened to drop into the realm of failure. Would that be fitting to talk about, she wondered? One thing all high school students had in common was their battle with grades and schoolwork, no matter what grade they were in. That'd be easy enough to start to talk about, right? No, Asuka looked like the kind of girl who kept her grades tidy and neat. Venturing into the subject of school would make the conversation into something all too serious, not at all fitting for the night of a concert. Lili began to toy with the idea of making something up, some kind of false social scenario, but quickly threw it away. This was a space for reality, not for falseness and phonies and-

And there it was.

"I hate how other people won't even touch stuff like this," Lili said, "They'll just take one glance at all this stuff and dismiss it. The majority of people just annoy me, y'know? They surround themselves with stuff that's just too easy to understand, so fake and meaningless. It's like they're all coated in plastic. Don't popular people, mainstream people, plastic people, don't they just annoy you too?" Lili paused to let Asuka get a jab in. She felt like she was steering the conversation in the right direction. This was a topic that Lili could talk about without an issue.

Lili had confidence that Asuka was not made of plastic. Not in the slightest.
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