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“I’m not sure what you mean by that. I just never saw you with her, is what I’m trying to say.”

And really, Jasmine was quite offended by what Irene had just implied. Where did she get the impression that she was a control freak? Sure, she wanted to know what her friends were up to - that was why she asked the question in the first place - but she wasn’t their mother, she didn’t want to control what they were doing. Maybe she’d warn them if what they were about to do wasn’t a good idea, but otherwise she totally stayed out of their business. If they didn’t heed her warning, then she figured oh well, and when they came crawling back to her begging for forgiveness she was more than happy to take them in again. Really, Irene’s statement there was quite the eyebrow raiser, and it seemed that she was starting to catch on, which was a slight problem. Maybe it was best that she stepped back about it, at least for a while.

Well, that was what she thought about it initially, at the very least. Irene then started to go on about how the two of them were friends. Apparently, it was fairly normal, and Irene didn’t seem to be lying about it. Which was slightly disappointing, as mentioned earlier. Jasmine thought that it’d be so much more, like beef with another group or something more secret, so the fact that it was something comparatively not as interesting hurt Jasmine’s heart, just that tiny little bit. She was hungry, she wanted more, but she knew that if she tried to get more it’d be fruitless and there would be a risk that Irene would catch on. She’d just have to try another day, if she still felt like there was something there.

She giggled as Irene seemed to mix up what she was referencing. It, as per many other things, was something that she did, and Jasmine was happy that it happened. It was good. Everything was fine.

“Wait, hang on a moment,” she said. “There’s a moment I like coming up.”

They watched. While talking, for the most part. Nothing worth mentioning, just some things about school and drama and classes and teachers and other things that Jasmine didn’t think was worth putting down for later. Eventually, the episodes ended, and she stood up, stretching her muscles so that they didn’t feel weird. She had sat down for too long. Nothing about it more than that.

“That’s the season finished,” she said. “Anything in particular you really wanna do now?”

Jasmine had something in mind, but she wanted to defer to her guest to make sure it was okay to have it go ahead.
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Oh, it's so sad to think about the good times, you and I... · Memories from the Past