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And then the bell rang. Some sort of pop song. Jeremy wasn’t really quite sure what it was because he wasn’t a slave to the charts but he was pretty sure that there’d be some people who would know what it was. Probably Rea. Likely not Asha, given her aesthetic. Definitely not Jeremy. It didn’t even sound that interesting or out of the norm for the most part, he wasn’t really sure how something like this would get popular. Well, maybe he’d like it if he had heard something other than the same eight seconds of it in a different context he’d like it, but considering he only tended to hear the same eight seconds of it over and over again because that was the only segment of it that played for the bell he really couldn’t pull himself into liking it.

Right now though, instead of irritation at the song or happiness that he’d finally go home or have a class he actually liked, the bell reeked of the bitter stench (?) of disappointment, as he was actually quite enjoying this conversation. If the bell went just that little bit later maybe it would have actually been worth having to have that conversation with Rea.

“Uugh,” Jeremy said, standing up from his chair. “I gotta go to class now.” He had um… English, that was right. Man, and it wasn’t even a class he could even give himself the temptation to skip.

“Wanna talk about this later?”

He got something back, a couple words of affirmation. That was good. More than good, actually, but he tended to understate things when they were positive. He wasn’t creative enough to think up of things like that.

“Awesome, I guess I’ll see you later then.” And with that, he waved before turning and walking out of the library.

So, all in all? Pretty good choice to go into the library! He figured out someone that he should avoid and he made a new friend on top of that. It’s not going to be something he was going to regret in a few months time! Good job Jeremy, we’re proud of you.

((Jeremy Frasier, continued in The Second Mistake))

((Jeremy Frasier also continued in I'm Not A Real Doctor, But They Call Me Dr. Worm))
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