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Rene nodded. "Yeah, friends. Maybe I should've thought of that, huh?" She said, placing her now-empty tray of snacks on the nearby table. "Maybe that would've made things more interesting. Y'know, not that this isn't interesting or anything."

Rene looked out at the dance floor. There were people dancing, talking, and generally having a great time, or at the very least putting on a pretty good show about pretending to have a great time. Maybe she could have tried to make a night out of the dance. Maybe gotten some friends together and just hung out in the gym all night, snacking and shooting the breeze.

... Nah, she still wasn't feeling it.

Having gotten her fill of the surroundings, Rene felt that it might be time to move on to other things. If the time on her phone was right, then she still had a decent chance to make Junko's party before everyone left. She figured that she might as well give her current conversation partner a heads up before she just walked out. She elbowed Cristo lightly in the arm to get his attention.

"Hey, I'm about to head out. You wanna bet I can sneak a finger sandwich out the door?"
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