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There it was, exactly the answer he had expected. Just friends. Of course they were, the two of them had known each other for far longer than he and Cristo had. It was only natural they were childhood friends, shared a deep bond. Spent a lot of time together, trusted in each other et cetera. Yes, that was all there was to it, harmless, really.

Ah, too easy. Did he really believe that, even for one second, believe that what Cristo had just told him was the truth and nothing but? Maxim was very much inclined to believe the opposite. He had watched them together. Yes, that day they had all worked together at Abby's place, that hadn't been the first time he noticed, but the time it had been the most obvious to him. The way his friend had looked, that peculiar look in his eyes, there was no doubt to him there was more behind that. It had to be, there was no conceivable way for him to be that spectacularly misguided in his judgment.

Still, Cristo's follow-up question was not unfounded, not at all. Why did he ask? Again, he was very certain that his own feelings for the boy were everything but romantic, a simple case of him having acquired a liking for him, plain and simple. So why did the subject of Cristo potentially being in love with someone bother him that much? Jealousy would have been the natural assumption but- no, it didn't make any sense, not like this.

Still, he had gone so far, had been so bold to directly face his friend with that question and stopping or faltering now would have equaled a testament of his own lack of direction or certain motive. He had to push on and doing so would mean having to ignore his friend's inquiry. If that was the price, then so be it.

"Are you sure? I mean...well, I don't really know how to put it, but- I just feel there's something more to it. Well..." This was awkward, absolutely was. But the only one witnessing it was Cristo and...he was okay with that.

"Are you sure you...don't think there's more?"
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