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escaping the real world to face reality
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Now she was talkative. Well. At least Asuka wouldn't have to contribute to the conversation too much. And besides, this was going interesting places, right? She wanted to find out some more, get a little more info than what was online, so she was getting that now. And she'd wanted to talk about personal stuff, vent a little with a stranger, and hey, she hadn't responded, but it's not like Asuka expected better anyways. Strangers don't tell strangers about their feelings. Strangers don't inquire into strangers' feelings, even if Asuka had left the door open on that. But this was okay. This was exciting. There was stuff to get interested in, there was stuff to care about and stuff to do and shit maybe this will make her come alive and get interested in stuff and care about stuff and do stuff and

It was raining outside.

It was raining outside, and around her it was all cheap darkness and mumbling strangers and the droning white noise that permeated through everything and made everything numb.

Oh. So that's how this goes. Big surprise.

Well this sucks. But she nodded her head, shuffled her feet forward, because you don't let strangers know you're not okay. And, like, who knows, maybe something will come in the next couple of minutes to drown out the white noise. She could hope. It was silly, but she believed it. Kinda. Not really.

She believed it enough, apparently.

Asuka really didn't have the energy to wade into the crowd, but she could dig deep. And then she'd dig a little deeper, and a little deeper, and then she'd either give out and sit down or pass out or whatever, or she'd hit a big reserve, and then everything would be just perfect. Asuka was fine either way. Really. Either way it was a way out, and if she had to fucking break down for that to happen, so be it.

The girl was talking some more. It was just a little hard to register what she was saying.

"Name's Asuka, I'm a sophomore."

Um. Fuck. What's she supposed to say next again?

No. No need to say anything. Just sit back and let Lili ramble a little and maybe get a little hyped. Asuka could wait a little before saying the dumb things she kinda wanted to say. She was good at waiting. Used to it. Did it all the time, in fact, to the point that she never stopped waiting. So she was done with waiting. But she could afford to wait a little more.

Come to think of it, she should really talk this shit over with her mom or a counselor or something instead of some kid she vaguely recognized from school. That'd force her to wait just a little more.


You're an idiot, Asuka.
dear god dear god tinkle tinkle hoy

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